Journault Jourplex
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A superb, bright concept

Attractive and partical
On flat or pitch roofs, the unique design of Jourplex skylights and stringent quality control they undergo make them highly efficient and attractive for industrial and commercial buildings as well as for private homes.

Built tough to last
To ensure maximum resistance, Jourplex skylights have a specially designed frame and are equipped with a thermal barrier and a channel. Made of rolled steel and aluminum alloy 6063T5, Jourplex frames are built to last indefinitely.

The standard finish is of natural aluminum; however an enamel acrylic or anodized coating is also available on request. The triple glazing Jourplex skylights are hermetically sealed at the factory with a one-piece waterproof selvage including a rubber anti-sagging center to avoid all possible contact with the sides. A constant, uniform layer of air between the acrylic sides eliminates condensation and ensures better insulation.

Bubble-shaped or pyramid-shaped skylights are available with single, double or triple glazing in transparent, bronze or white translucent acrylic and provide exceptionally good optical quality. An easy-to-install, highly resistant aluminum flashing with 2 inches of insulation is also available.

Pre-assembled and easy to install
The installation of a Jourplex skylight does not require many tools; a do-it-yourselfer may complete the task in 3 to 5 hours. One need only to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

High standards
Engineered in Quebec, Jourplex skylights meet local building requirements. Moreover, they meet and often surpass the standards set for stress and flame resistance.