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Short form specifications

Jourplex skylights are designed to be flame-resistant according to the ULC S102.2 and ASTM D-635 tests for acrylic materials. They meet the ONGC 63-GP-14M standards for air tightness, water-proofing, resistance to excess weight of snow, thermal efficiency and light transmission.

Custom design
Drawings indicating the dimensions, description of the elements and details on the type of built must be submitted for custom designed skylights.

1. Plastic: Acrylic glazing (single), (double) (triple); Vs in. thick (3,2mm) for width to 4 ft (1 219mm); V4 in. (6.4mm) available on request only; bubble or pyramid shapes; other shapes are available on request only; transparent, bronze or white translucid types.
2. Aluminum: channels, alloy A 6063-T5; frame shaped welding; .075 in. (1.9mm) thick. The frames must be designed to be fixed to the roof without dismantling the acrylic mounted to the frame by the manufacturer.
3. Weather stripping: rubber strip with shim-plate in the inside.
4. Insulation: 2 in. (50.8mm) thick Styrofoam as required by the CSA standard no. A 101-M77, type 1A.
5. Fastening: steel screws as required by the B35-4-72 CSA standard.
6. Flashings: caliber 14 aluminum sheet; welded joints with 2 in. (50.8mm) of insulation. On request only.

Installation by the buyer according to the manufacturer's specifications.

A personalized service is offered to the engineer, the architect or project promoter.