Journault Jourplex
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Incomparable performance

Frost control
All aluminum channels have a double welding to create a thermos zone that eliminates heat losses and condensation. Jourplex frames are built with one-piece thermal barriers.

Air-tight and waterproof
Because they are manufactured in a plant, Jourplex skylights are her-metrically sealed, making it impossible for air or water to filter through even in extremely bad weather conditions.

Thermal insulation
The aluminum elements and the acrylic panes are arranged so as to eliminate any thermal bridge and to simultaneously create air-tight thermos zones. An aluminum flashing with a 2 inch thick insulating material is also available on request.
Expansion and contraction
Jourplex skylights are built with a neoprene selvage that is flexible enough to allow thermal expansion and contraction while providing strong adhesiveness to the acrylic and the frame.

Acrylic is known as a light transmission material by building standards, and as such is classified as a slow burning plastics. For even greater fire resistance, one can install armed glass beneath the skylight.

Jourplex skylights require no maintenance. Rain and snow will wash the outside clean. However, to clean the acrylic, a solution of mild soap or vinegar and luke-warm water is recommended. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth or chamois.