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Roof curb
Roof curb
J. Journault's Roof Curb eliminates the roof leak problems associated with roof opening and roof top equipment. Uniform curb design and flashing detail provides a consistent termination of the roof system. All models provide a minimum of 8'above the roof line and include pressure treated wood nailers for positive fastening of roofing materials.

Heavy gauge galvanized steel, fully welded and mitered corner seams, internal reinforcing on sides 36" and greater, integral base plate, pressure treated wood nailers and W thick rigid fiberglass insulation on RT-1, 2 and 3.

Height additions, heavier metal gauges, aluminum construction, curb liners, burglar bars, damper trays, single or compound roof pitch requirements, special nailer sizes and sound baffles.


1. Furnish and install roof curbing as manufactured by J. Journault Ltee., 872 de I'Eglise Street,
Verdun Quebec H4G 2N2, at all roof openings as detailed on drawings.

2. Model RT:.. * shall be of box section design, heavy gauge galvanized steel (or aluminum-specify) construction, continuous mitered and welded corner seams, integral base plate, pressure treated nailer and shall be insulated with 1V2" thick rigid fiberglass board insulation.
*Specify RT model number

3. To install properly: weld, bolt or screw all curbing to the roof deck or substructure.

Insulated Curb

Non-insulated Curb