Journault Jourplex
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Ladders and accessories
Journault Jourplex
Aluminium Ladder - Model J 500
Safety Extension - Model J 501
· Safe,
· Durable,
· Aesthetic,
· Lightweight,
· Convenient,
· Easy to use.
echelles escaliers

Specification (ladder)
The natural finish extruded aluminum ladder shall be designed to conform to standards and built with anti-slip rungs for better adherence. The aluminum rungs shall have a diameter of 20mm. The aluminum risers shall have a diameter of 30mm reinforced on the visible color.

Specification (Safety Extension)
The extension shall be attached in the factory and provided with a built-in guide on the ladder. The extension shall have two vertical sections parallel to the ladder and formed from a single piece attached in four places.The retractable section shall enable the person to hold on with both hands for additional security.


Anchoring Bracket - Model J 502

A sturdy model designed to be attached to the Model J500 ladder to position it at the desired height. Anchors provided with stainless steel nuts and bolts. A bushing is also provided to insulate the aluminum from the wall.