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Roof and floor hatches
Trench covers/Trench LINers - Model CT & P

Trench covers - model CT
These systems provide quick access to in-floor electrical cables, pipes and conduits. They are especially useful in computer rooms and laboratories where there are frequent modifications to mechanical and electrical services. The light aluminium covers are easily removable with a standard screwdriver and are available in several varieties of textures to meet all project requirements.

Trench liners - Model P
Lightweight removable covers offer easy access to in-floor services or drainage. Consisting of an all welded extruded aluminium frame with choice of cover textures. The different surface textures available are: smooth, diamond, abrasive or perforated. Covers are easy to install and can be sealed with a 3 mm (1/8") hard neoprene. Recessed covers designed to receive floor finish are also available.