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Roof and floor hatches
Single and double leaf smoke hatch
Model FS, FD

Journault Jourplex Inc. smoke hatches are built in either single or double leafs. The standard dimensions of a single leaf hatch are 1219 mm x 1219 mm (4'0" x 4'0") - 762 mm x I 372 mm (2'6" x 4'6") - 762 mm x 2438 mm (2'6" x 8'0"). For widths exceeding 1524 mm (5'0") we recommend the use of the "FD" model with double doors.

Supply an automatic smoke hatch type __ fabricated by Journault Jourplex Inc., and install where indicated on plans. Covers shall be of 14 ga. galvanized steel (or 3 mm (O.I 25") aluminium); aluminium only for widths exceeding 2134 mm (7'0"),with welded hemmed flange measuring 76 mm (3"). Insulation shall be fiberglass 25mm (I") thick, completely covered and protected by a 14 ga. galvanized steel (or 3 mm (O.I 25") aluminium) lining.

Curb shall be 305 mm (12") in height of 10 ga. (single leaf 14 ga.) satin finish galvanized steel. Curb shall have an integrated capflashing at the top and a 102 mm (4") anchoring flange at the bottom. Exterior of curb shall be insulated with 25.4 mm (I") fiber-board. Smoke hatch shall come complete with heavy pintle hinges, compression springs, shock absorber, neoprene seals and pull handles for inside and outside operation. Smoke hatch must be equipped with a fusible releasing link. Hatch shall open automatically when heat rises to 71 ° C (165° F) therefore melting the fusible link. An electro-thermal link can also be installed that would be connected to the building fire alarm system.

† Due to the fact that the smoke hatches can be opened by the exterior pull handles, it is strongly recommended that a security grill be integrated inside the hatch. C/w hinges and padlock hasps.