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Roof and floor hatches
reinforced waterproof floor door
Model TPE-AL H20-S6 & TPED-AL H20-S6


TPE-AL-H20-S6 reinforced floor doors are built by Journault Jourplex Inc. to withstand heavier loads than standard TPE doors. They are intended for off-road installations where not submitted to high density traffic. Despite their robustness, these doors are designed to be easily opened by way of a fine spring setting.

The floor door shall be model __ , single / double leaf as fabricated by Journault Jourplex Inc. Channel frame shall be 6mm (1/4") aluminum, welded at corners with an integrated perimeter anchor flange. The cover shall be 6mm (1/4") diamond plate aluminum with capacity to withstand heavier loads per square foot and open with heavy duty stainless steel piano hinges. Aluminum channels shall be welded to cover for reinforcing. A compression spring lifting system enclosed in telescopic tubes shall be used to assist opening and closing operations.
Door shall automatically lock in the-vertical position by an hold-open arm with a vinyl coated release handle. The door shall be equipped with a stainless steel slam lock on the inside and a removable turn handle on the outside. A I 1/2" coupling shall be incorporated to the channel frame to allow for adequate water drainage. All standard hardware shall be stainless steel. To insure watertightness a rubber gasket shall be integrated to framing. Furthermore, a neoprene seal glued to cover shall match its rubber counterpart on each side, joining covers.

† (Optional) Concealed padlock hasps and insulated covers

Note: In cases where a floor door must be installed on a road where subjected to frequent traffic, it is necessary for the hatch to be fabricated in either galvanized or stainless steel with a 20 ton capacity. Therefore the model specified should be TPE-AG-20T (galvanized steel) or TPE-INOX-20T (stainless steel).