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Roof and floor hatches
Domed Roof hatch - Model RL-AL

The Journault Jourplex model "RL-AL" roof hatch is designed to allow light through by having a double glazed acrylic dome incorporated to it's cover. The acrylic dome is also available in bronze or white translucent and can be triple glazed.

Supply an "RL-AL" single leaf roof hatch of standard dimensions (762 mm x 914 mm - 2'6" x 3") as fabricated by Journault Jourplex Inc. and install at appropriate emplacement as per plans.The aluminium cover shall integrate an acrylic double glazed dome (clean translucid white or bronze). Curb shall be 305 mm (12") in height and of 2 mm (0.081") aluminium. It shall have a capflashing at the top and a 102 mm (4") fastening flange at the bottom. Exterior of curb shall be insulated.