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Foot grills
Our selection of foot grilles
General description
The foot grilles made by J. Journault have been designed to prevent rain, snow, abrasives, dust, etc. to be tracked into the building interior. Sturdy, and long –lasting easy of cleaning, they are used in commercial building entrance ways as floor mats in a built-in catch pan with drainage pit.
Made of 6354-T6 alloy aluminum, our foot grilles are supplied fully mounted and ready to install with all the anchoring, installing and drainage-depending on selected model-accessories.

The galvanized* iron pan is argon welded to the structure making it perfectly watertight. It may be installed with or without a selded drain according to the area. The pan is directly screwed to the frame to provide maximum strength. The catch pan and the frame in contact with concrete can be covered with a coat of bitumous paint prior to leaving the shop.
*Stainless steel or aluminum pans are available as an option.

The upside down double T-shaped streamlined aluminum frame provide additional anchoring. Different types of frames form series 100, 150, 200 or 250 are available to fit all kinds of flooring (cement, wood, terrazzo, or tiles). See section AA for how each series is used and details under the model listings to find out which ones are available with each model.

The grille is made of aluminum rails and provides spacing between the bars enabling easy dirt evacuation. The trails are held together by aluminum lock oars while spacers provide an equal and yet necessary spacing between the trails to help reduce noise. The J. Journault foot grille sections are designed to support up to 300 Ib/sq. ft (2060 kPa) with an intermediate support, if required, in order to maintain a uniform load. The foot grille can be easily removed to facilitate cleaning operations. Optional hinges, stop latches, lifting handles or antitheft locks can be installed.

Custom-made and standard foot grilles
J. Journault manufactures foot grilles to suit all needs, and even makes customized foot grilles to fit any special requirement.

The following information must be provided:
- Dimensions "W" (width in the direction of the blades) and "D" (depth);
- Model code (LQ, LT, LV or LD);
- Series number (100,150, 200 or 250).

In addition to the above information, customers must supply a template. For replacements or existing holes, the inner dimensions and height are required. Drains are supplied only if ordered.