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Folding stairs
Journault Jourplex
Fixed aluminum stairs - Model J 1000

· Designed for tight spaces,
· Easy to install,
· Will not corrode,
· Needs no maintenance,
· Durable,
· Adapted to J. Journault Ltd. Roof hatches.

The model J 1000 stairs as built by J. Journault Ltd. Shall have nonslip treads and two guard rails; in addition, it shall be provided with adjustable feet to adapt it to existing floors.

Folding stairs - Model J 2000

· Safe,
· Compact,
· Easy to use,
· Lightweight,
· Pre-assembled,
· No maintenance.

The folding stairs shall be incorporated in a sturdy frame made of 1/8 inch thick galvanized steel into which shall be attached well-calibrated springs to counterbalance the weight of the stairs and cover. The folding aluminum stairs shall have anti-slip treads and shall be attached to the frame with a sturdy stainless steel hinge capable of supporting a weight of 700 lbs. Or 320 kg.

When open, it shall be kept in position by its own weight; it shall also be provided with adjustable feet to adapt it to the existing floor. The cover shall be made from 1/8 inch thick reinforced aluminum with an attached ring into which a provided hook arm can be inserted to open the stairs.

mm inches mm inches
2667 105 1497 59
2972 117 1652 65
3277 129 1808 71