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Floor Hatches M model

Floor hatch for overlay or non-slip surface

Floor hatch shall be of type___ as manufactured by Journault Jourplex Inc. The frame shall be fabricated with___ (aluminum or steel) angle iron of 6 mm x 76 mm x 76 mm (3''x 3''x .25''), with concrete anchors welded to the exterior. The panel shall consist of a 6 mm (.25") thick anti-skid plate made of___ (steel or aluminum - plain plate for floor covering hatches) and mounted on stainless steel hinges for aluminum hatches (steel hinges for steel hatches) to which a gas cylinder shall be connected for easy operation. In the open position, the self-locking retaining arm will allow the door to remain open at a 90° angle. A vinyl-covered handle will be attached to the hold-open arm to disengage the door. The door shall be designed to support a load of 300 pounds per square foot. A trap door lock shall also be installed with a removable handle on the exterior and a fixed handle on the interior. Steel hatches shall be primed with a coat of paint. Aluminum hatches shall be natural finish

* Hatch for floor covering 3 mm or 4 mm (1/8 or 3/16") thick. For other thicknesses, consult manufacturer

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