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Floor Hatches EXTD model

Journault Jourplex's EXT model hatches are specially designed to prevent stale air or water from passing through the underside of the hatch, ensuring a superior seal to the standard hatch design. However, due to its special design, this hatch is not designed for frequent access as it does not close with a conventional handle, but rather with bolts, hence its greater tightness.

Super-tight floor hatch as manufactured by Journault Jourplex in EXTD-A (double leaf) steel. Composed of a welded 9.5 mm (3/8") thick frame to which connecting screens are attached allowing the panel to be screwed in such a way as to compress the gaskets located around the perimeter of the hatch and frame.

The panel will be 9.5 mm (3/8") thick and will be connected to the frame by means of heavy-duty hinges that are completely embedded and will serve as a stop for the latter in the open position. The number of compression bolts shall be determined by the size of the hatch. They shall be spaced for equal load and fully recessed into the panel. A recessed finger in the tight cover will be used to facilitate opening.

Optional stainless steel resort cylinders are available. For a large hatch, provide a lifting system above the hatch.

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